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At the Pain Center, we are aware that pain may have an impact on people's capacity to engage in daily activities, whether at home or at work, in addition to their physical and mental well-being. Our board-certified, well-trained pain management physicians are committed to decreasing and treating this uneasiness by using a multidisciplinary strategy. To assist patients to have active, fruitful, and fulfilling lives, our staff collaborates carefully with patients and their families.

A Complete Pain Management Strategy

Management of pain the top pain management service clinic in Newkirk, Brooklyn, NYC, is a full-service pain control facility that employs the most cutting-edge diagnostic technology on the market there.
You can be assured that you will receive the utmost care when you reach an objection of pain, whether it is located in your brain or in your toes. This is the reason that the procedure starts with a specific diagnosis. On the other hand, there is an additional that makes this pain treatment center stand out from the competition.

Sharmeen Sultana MD PLLC, Brooklyn serves Pain Management.

Although you have options for medical care, the top pain management facility in Newkirk, Brooklyn close to downtown. You have a right to know what Pain Management Brooklyn NYC is all about and why it is thought to offer some of the best pain management care available anywhere in the neighborhood. It combines a highly skilled workforce with outstanding pain management facilities and apparatuses, as well as outstanding pain physicians. All of this results in the best interventional pain therapy available.

Objectives of pain management

Our collective knowledge in pain management is put to use in our collaborative thorough evaluation to create a customized treatment plan that addresses the root of your pain. We create a long-term pain management strategy that may involve injections, drugs, a home exercise plan, and the gaining of skills, all of which are wished-for to lessen the actual pain felt. A non-opioid management strategy is typically offered.
Our major goal is to address the root of your discomfort rather than simply “cover up the pain,” and to bring back or maximize your physical, emotional, and vocational function.

What is the most common way to treat chronic pain?

A pain specialist may be able to assist you if you have chronic pain:

  •   Reduce your discomfort, and enhance your quality of life
  •   Acquire new coping mechanisms
  •   Reduce the anxiety, sadness, and terror brought on by your pain.
  •   Augment your capacity to carry out daily tasks and take pleasure

How Do Pain Clinics Work?

These medical establishments, often recognized as pain management clinics, concentrate on the identification and treatment of chronic pain. In all, there are two. One concentrates on conducting medical treatments for positive types of pain, such as neck and back pain.
The alternative method, frequently talk about as an interdisciplinary clinic, adopts an all-inclusive viewpoint.

Where is the Nearest Pain Clinic? 

Ask your primary care physician or authority for a recommendation. 

Verified methods for pain management to relieve uneasiness

Your physical and mental health may suffer if you are in constant pain. You don't require getting adapted to continuing pain. Our trained and compassionate medical professionals have expertise in an extensive range of pain management methods and are board-certified in chronic pain.
To support you and your family set and attaining objectives for a dynamic and full life, our group of health care specialists will join forces with you and your family.
 Our interventional pain doctor and advanced practice nurse practitioners make up our multidisciplinary pain treatment team.
With outreach facilities in Newkirk Avenue, Brooklyn, You can contact us as per detailed information on our website. 

A Broad Spectrum of Treatments

Sharmeen Sultana MD PLLC, in collaboration with teams of board-certified a doctor focusing on cancer, anesthesiology, neurology, orthopedics, psychiatry, and physical rehabilitation, provides wide-ranging assessment and individualized plans of care for a wide range of acute and chronic pain conditions. These facts permit us to produce novel therapies and tailored programs for your individual pain condition, 

As such, our board-certified physician helps people with all types of pain.

  •   Degenerative disc disease
  •   Disc herniation
  •   Cervical stenosis
  •   Syndrome of failed back surgery
  •   Spinal compression fracture (osteoporosis)
  •   Migraine and face pain
  •   Cervical, thoracic, and lumbosacral discomfort 
  •   The shingles (post-herpetic neuralgia)
  •   Spondylolisthesis
  •   Facet joint disorder (arthritis)
  •   Cancer discomfort
  •   Nerve pain (neuropathic)
  •   Lumbar radiculopathy (sciatica)
  •   Muscle spasms and soreness
  •   Radiculopathy 
  •   Respiratory sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)
  •   Muscle spasms and soreness
  •   Sports injury discomfort
  •   Workplace injury discomfort
  •   Suffering from a car accident

Please schedule an appointment if you feel the Pain Management Institute is correct for you.

Why have I been able to my pain at Sharmeen Sultana MD PLLC Health center?

In a compassionate setting, we provide top-grade pain issue assessment and treatment at the Sharmeen Sultana MD PLLC Comprehensive Pain Center. Our operator has gained specialized training to serve painful injuries, diseases, and complicated ailments.

Our program's high points include:

The doctor of pain management is board qualified in anesthesiology and pain medicine and graduated from the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine in Chicago. We are experts in pain management, making us uniquely suited to provide accurate diagnoses and advanced-stage therapies.
Please contact us if you think the Sharmeen Sultana MD PLLC pain management clinic is the best fit for you.

Make an online appointment with our Pain Management Specialist  Dr. Ayman Farag.

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The patients who were asked about the physician in question expressed high levels of satisfaction. The physician is known for providing attentive and careful treatment to her patients. Additionally, she sets aside ample time to examine the case history to explain the current state of the patient, so that it is easy for them to understand.

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Dr. Sharmeen, a dedicated Primary Care Physician, strives to foster good health and prevent illnesses within the Brooklyn community. Whether it's conducting routine check-ups, addressing common ailments like colds and coughs, or managing more serious symptoms, she offers comprehensive treatment, guidance, and collaborates closely with her team of specialists to ensure comprehensive care. Her services encompass a wide range of medical needs, including hypertension management, annual physicals, allergy consultations, pediatric care, arthritis, cholesterol management, obesity, respiratory infections, strep throat, rashes, minor injuries, and overall well-being for patients of all ages, from young children to adults.

Dr. Sharmeen Sultana's primary language of practice is English, she is fluent in Bengali, she understands and is able to communicate in Hindi and Urdu. In addition, there are Arabic and Spanish speaking members in the staff.

Doctor Sultana is family physician; her primary goal is to promote health and prevent diseases. She is a top-rated Primary Care Physician in Brooklyn. She provides comprehensive care for every patient regardless of age, gender, illness, or organ system. By collaborating with a team of specialists conveniently located within her practice, she seamlessly integrates and prioritizes multiple concerns, aiming to provide holistic and synthesized solutions for her patients.

While Dr. Sultana gladly accepts all major insurances, it is advisable to consult with the front desk attendant to obtain confirmation. As regulations and compliance requirements can undergo changes without prior notice, it's always prudent to verify the current status of accepted insurances.

Dr. Sharmeen Sultana has a rating of 4.50/5 from 164 patients (on who have reviewed her which indicates that most of the patients are satisfied with her services. However, there were areas where patients gave lower ratings regarding time spent on patients and exam thoroughness. Based on patient compliance and outcomes Dr. Sultana has a rating of 4 out of 5 indicating that patients will see her again and are satisfied with her treatment results. Dr. Sharmeen Sultana is rated 4 out of 5 as a cause of action, and we find the patients to be friendly and thoughtful. Dr. Sultana generally receives positive reviews from patients, although there are some differences in patient opinions. It's crucial to keep in mind that personal perspectives can differ, and seeking guidance from a healthcare expert from a wide range of sources is always a wise choice.

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