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If you're searching for the best primary care doctor in Brooklyn, it's really smart to figure out all that you can about the specialist's training ahead of time.Establish a strong connection with a primary care specialist who is well-suited for your needs and is dedicated to enhancing your health outcomes today and in the future.

Choose the Best Primary Doctor in Brooklyn : Elevate Your Health Journey

A primary care health practitioner plays a pivotal role in managing a wide range of healthcare needs, both routine and anticipated. From preventive care, including regular physicals, screenings, and immunizations, to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of common chronic conditions like hypertension or type 2 diabetes, your primary care doctor is your go-to resource for comprehensive healthcare.

In Brooklyn, Sharmeen Sultana MD PLLC, the best primary care doctor's clinic, is here to assist, welcoming new patients with open arms.

Services include common ones 

  • Routine physical exams
  • Prescription of medications like antibiotics and birth control
  • Treatment for minor illnesses and injuries
  • Long-term illness management
  • Common health screenings

At Sharmeen Sultana MD PLLC, Brooklyn's best primary care doctor plays an essential role in your family's fitness. Regular visits ensure prevention and care for your health needs.

Primary Care doctors are Focus on the following: 

  • Family medicine

  • Internal medicine

  • Sports medicine

  • Pediatrics Medicines

  • Female Health

You turn to them when you need doctors most. We kept arranging coordinated care and medical support for you. We are supported by large resources and technology. Such a type of method allows us to be your family health partners. The fastest and best option is your best primary care physician if you need a yearly health examination.  

Primary care Physician appointment online

Booking a primary care Physician appointment online offers a streamlined and convenient approach to accessing essential healthcare services. Dr. Sharmeen Sultana MD, an esteemed primary care physician serving the vibrant community of Brooklyn, stands as a beacon of compassionate healthcare. 

With a dedication to comprehensive wellness and personalized patient care, Dr. Sultana ensures accessible and top-tier medical services for individuals and families alike. Her commitment to embracing modern healthcare practices includes facilitating convenient and hassle-free primary care appointments online. 

Choose the Best Primary Doctor in Brooklyn

Dr. Sultana's approach combines expertise with a patient-centric focus, providing a seamless experience for those seeking quality healthcare at their fingertips. With her proficiency and a deep-rooted commitment to the well-being of her patients, Dr. Sharmeen Sultana remains a trusted figure in the realm of primary care in Brooklyn.

Why Choose Us:

  • Thorough understanding of your family's health history
  • Access to medical records and updates
  • Tracking of immunizations
  • Efficient medical management
  • Expertise in recognizing signs that may require special attention

Your primary care physician is your primary healthcare resource, and their timely intervention can make a significant difference in your health outcomes.

Identify your first-rate in terms of what signs might also want unique care 

Due to maximum clinical desires, your primary care physician is the first-rate clinical professional to deal with you and your family. If you want dedicated care, you’ll be noted as a specialist. The specialist will hold your number one health center where the practitioner is up to date with your medical care and treatment. The most important professional resource is the primary practitioner for your care. Before you know need help the medical caregiver could save your life, 
Offering continuous, comprehensive health care that goes beyond disease treatment, family medicine, and primary care center is appropriate. All physicians have gained formal training in primary care to meet the bodily, social, professional, family, and sensitive needs of their patients. Our primary care clinic locations were developed to deliver high-quality, standard healthcare to the families and individuals in your community.  

In most medical situations, your primary care physician is the best-suited healthcare professional to address you and your family's needs. Should you require specialized care, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist while ensuring continuity of care. Your primary care physician is your primary healthcare resource, and their timely intervention can make a significant difference in your health outcomes.

Beyond Disease Treatment

Our primary care clinics offer continuous, comprehensive healthcare that extends beyond treating diseases. All our physicians have undergone formal training in primary care to address not only the physical but also the social, professional, family, and emotional needs of their patients. We've strategically located our primary care clinic in Brooklyn to provide high-quality, standard healthcare to local families and individuals.

Services Provided

Our primary care clinical practitioners offer a range of general medical services, including physical examinations, immunizations, family medicine, wellness checks, and other essential clinical services. The emphasis is on detail, compassion, and quality, with our doctors being American board certified and experienced in treating a wide range of common, acute, and chronic illnesses in individuals of all ages.

A Caring Approach

Our doctors go the extra mile to provide accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. The compassionate care provided by our primary care clinic contributes to the well-being of Brooklyn's diverse population through regular check-ups and immunizations.

Convenient and Accessible

The primary care clinic offers a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, with friendly receptionists ready to assist you. Located conveniently in the heart of Brooklyn, we ensure that you have access to various specialties, eliminating long waiting times for medical care. Our clinic is open from 9 AM to 6 PM during office hours, and we are closed on Sundays.

They visit each length to determine an accurate diagnosis and provide the appropriate, customized treatment plan. Supporting the doctors is the number one compassionate care clinic. The medical center service hides the metropolis population with exact health, inspiring usual examinations and listed immunization to gain consistent physical and intellectual property-being.
The primary care clinic has a peaceful and restful atmosphere, with pleasant receptionists usually willing that will help you. Conveniently located in a prominent area with access to various specialties, eliminating the need for a prolonged wait for medical care.

The primary care doctor's clinic accepting new patients within office time is open from 09 AM to 06 PM. The clinic remains closed on Sundays. 

Associates in Primary Care, What feature do you consider for Choosing? 

As it carries a big impact on your health, primary care physicians, it’s vital to look for a physician with whom you trust and feel comfortable. In the online portal, you can conveniently choose your preferences based on your location if you don't have the time to manually select a primary care physician. Here are some practical considerations you may take into account:


A decent beginning spot for observing a specialist is your healthcare coverage plan. Assuming that your arrangement expects you to utilize an in-network specialist, begin by checking out a rundown of taking an interest specialist. 

Physical Location/Place: 

The remoteness of the physician from your residence or office? If you have the plan to go to the doctor using public transportation, how it will take the time to get to him?   

Office Hours: 

Is the specialist's availability conducive to our work schedule or your child's school schedule? Does the office offer weekend, evening, or on-call services in case of emergencies if needed?


Which language do you prefer the doctor or their staff to use for better understanding?

Board certification: 

You can see whether the specialist you're thinking about is board-affirmed by utilizing the Certification Matters device presented by the American Board of Medical Specialties. 

Online Access: 

Does the essential mind group offer telemedicine choices? Do they offer a web-based entryway where you can ask your primary care physician inquiries, plan arrangements, see your experimental outcomes, and access your well-being history? 


What are the arrangements assuming you want to drop off or reschedule arrangements? Does the office provide installment plans for procedures that may be costly and aren't covered by insurance?

Query for considering 

You may be thinking about the following questions: 

To accommodate certain disabilities, does your primary care doctor need to be prepared? 

A different contest holding a healthcare primary physician who is outstanding could present sexual exploitation, home violence, shock, and racism survivors!  Is your consultant accomplished in education about natural therapies and substitute therapies that are imperative to you? 

What Happens At Your First Primary Care Visit?

Going to the doctor for the first time can feel mysterious, especially for kids. But think of it like making a new friend for your health! This special friend, called a primary care doctor, will help you stay healthy and happy.

Think of the doctor's office as your personal health headquarters. There, you'll meet a special kind of friend called a primary care doctor. This friendly superhero is there to answer your questions, help you stay healthy, and make sure you're growing big and strong!

But what exactly happens on your first visit? Let's peek inside and see what kind of exciting things await you!

Subsequent steps assign the Best Primary Care Doctor in Brooklyn

A shortlist with you for possible Associates in Primary Care doctors and communicate with the office to program a visit. When contacting the office, pay attention to how the staff interacts with you. Whether it's your first call or a frequent visit, feeling comfortable with the staff is crucial. Prepare a list of important queries to discuss with the primary care physician during your appointment. It's essential to establish a sense of comfort and communication with both the staff and the doctor for a positive healthcare experience. You become vigilant about the consultant attending to your concerns. 

Follow whether the physician is attending to your matter. It might feel awkward to consider a meeting for a physical checkup, yet it can also be empowering. It might assist you with recalling that you and your primary care physician are shaping an organization to deal with your wellbeing 

In search of find right physician 

Look for a primary care doctor who enables you to select :                                                         

Ask friends and see who they trust, your desired doctor’s visit if you don’t find the listed insurance network, call on that doctor’s office and check. In many cases, the name might miss out accidentally. One thing to check about physicians is whether it is easy to contact them during office hours and ask the primary care doctor accepting new patients.
You ensure it is a hospital that you like, and the physician is affiliated with? To talk with the physician and set up an appointment. Question yourself: - Does this person sound like the right physician for me? 

The upshot     

    Work to prevent, and diagnose, primary care physicians are doctors who treat an extensive category of situations that upset people at changing lifetimes.  

 The physicians trained in primary care matter expertise as follows: 

  • Health conditions screening 

  • Immunizations record keep current. 

  • Diagnose conditions by conducting tests.  

  • When you feel sick or injured, take medical treatment. 

  • When you are dealing with a chronic disorder by helping yourself to take care of that. 

  • Visit specialists if needed. 

Some primary care doctors center around a specific patient populace like youngsters or more seasoned grown-ups. Some are family physicians who give a treat to sufferers, all belongings considered. 

Female Primary Care Family Physician In Brooklyn

Welcome to Sharmeen Sultana MD PLLC, a Primary Care Clinic in Brooklyn. Our clinic provides a wide range of services, comprising women's health, geriatric care, and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. Our dedicated team of medical professionals provides comprehensive medical and preventive care, including physicals, health screenings, and management of chronic diseases. We receive most insurance plans and offer same-day appointments for your convenience.

A Board Certified Family Physician in Private Practice

Dr.  Sharmeen Sultana Sultana is a board-certified family physician who is currently serving patients at her private practice in Brooklyn, New York.

At her Primary Care Centre in NYC, Dr. Sharmeen Sultana provides a range of services, including general consultations and follow-ups. Existing patients can benefit from services such as pap smears, flu shots, and pediatric consultations for children aged 5 years and older. Additionally, the center offers pre-travel consultations, weight loss consultations, and certified examinations for athletes, commercial drivers, and police officers.

Primary Care Services at Sharmeen Sultana MD. PLLC, Brooklyn

At our Primary Care Healthcare, We value exceptional customer service and attempt to provide the highest quality of care possible. Our clinic also offers paying services such as EKG, Lab Tests, Pain Management treatment, Pre-travel consultation, sonograms, TLC Drug Test / TLC Medical exam, Vaccination, Vein puncture, and Weight Loss Consultation. Our team communicates clearly and respectfully, addressing any queries or issues you might have. We offer flexible scheduling options and various types of appointments to ensure your family receives the care they need, precisely when they need it.

Primary Care Doctor Visit, No Insurance Near Brooklyn

Looking for a primary care doctor in Brooklyn without insurance? Dr. Sharmeen Sultana, MD, PLLC, is in your neighborhood, offering comprehensive care for you and your family, with or without insurance. Simplifying your healthcare journey. Experience top-notch primary care in Brooklyn with Dr. Sharmeen Sultana, MD, PLLC, catering to your health needs.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A primary care physician (PCP) is a medical doctor who acts as a patient's main healthcare provider. They manage a wide range of health concerns, provide preventive care, and coordinate treatments with specialists if needed.

Primary care physicians focus on comprehensive healthcare, offering routine check-ups, managing chronic conditions, providing vaccinations, diagnosing common illnesses, and promoting overall well-being

You can find a primary care physician by asking for referrals from friends or family, consulting your insurance provider's directory, or searching online for PCPs in your area.

Consider factors like the doctor's credentials, experience, communication style, office location, and the ability to address your specific health needs when choosing a primary care physician.

Use online directories, review healthcare provider websites, or consult with your insurance company to find primary care physicians in your vicinity.

Specialists have in-depth knowledge and training in specific areas of medicine, offering focused care for particular health concerns. While specialists are essential for complex conditions, primary care physicians provide comprehensive, holistic care for overall health and well-being.

In most cases, individuals should start by consulting their primary care physician for general health concerns or when feeling unwell. The primary care physician can evaluate the condition and make referrals to specialists if necessary for more specialized care.

Going to the doctor for the first time can feel mysterious, especially for kids. But think of it like making a new friend for your health! This special friend, called a primary care doctor, will help you stay healthy and happy.

Think of the doctor's office as your personal health headquarters. There, you'll meet a special kind of friend called a primary care doctor. This friendly superhero is there to answer your questions, help you stay healthy, and make sure you're growing big and strong!

But what exactly happens on your first visit? Let's peek inside and see what kind of exciting things await you! Learn More About What Happens At Your First Primary Care Visit?

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