Primary care Physician appointment online in Brooklyn

Booking a primary care Physician appointment online offers a streamlined and convenient approach to accessing essential healthcare services. Dr. Sharmeen Sultana MD, an esteemed primary care physician serving the vibrant community of Brooklyn, stands as a beacon of compassionate healthcare. 

Ever feel like you need a grown-up friend to help you stay healthy? That's what a primary care doctor is like! In Brooklyn, there's a super cool doctor named Dr. Sharmeen Sultana who can be your friend for your health.

Choose the Best Primary Doctor in Brooklyn

Dr. Sultana's approach combines expertise with a patient-centric focus, providing a seamless experience for those seeking quality healthcare at their fingertips. With her proficiency and a deep-rooted commitment to the well-being of her patients, Dr. Sharmeen Sultana remains a trusted figure in the realm of primary care in Brooklyn.

Schedule a New Patient's Primary Care appointment Online.

Sharmeen Sultana, MD, a Female Primary care physician in Brooklyn, offers a variety of primary care administrations, including preventive care, chronic sickness management, and acute care. We comprehend the significance of giving timely entry to the mind and have a range of accessible appointment schedules to accommodate our patients in general.

Why is a Doctor Friend Important?

Imagine a superhero who helps you stay strong and fights off yucky germs! That's kind of what a doctor friend does. They check on you to make sure you're healthy and growing big and strong. They can also help you if you ever feel yucky or get a bump on your knee.

Why Choose Dr. Sultana?

Dr. Sultana is like a super-duper doctor friend because:

  • She's Super Nice: She listens carefully and explains things in a way that's easy to understand, even for kids!
  • She's a Health Expert: She knows all about keeping you healthy, from check-ups to helping you fight off germs that make you sick.
  • She Fits Your Busy Life: She offers appointments early in the morning, during the day, and even in the evening, so you can find a time that works for you and your grown-up.
  • She Speaks Many Languages: Do you or your grown-up speak English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Georgian, or Russian? Dr. Sultana does too, so talking to her is easy!

How to See Dr. Sultana:

There are two ways to schedule an appointment with your new doctor friend:

  • Online Appointment: Grown-ups can visit Dr. Sultana's website and follow the steps to book an appointment. It's like booking a fun online game!
  • Phone Call: Grown-ups can also call Dr. Sultana's office at 718.759.6015. A friendly helper will answer the phone and find a time for your appointment.

Primary Care appointment near Brooklyn

Getting Ready to See Dr. Sultana:

To make your visit super smooth, here are some things your grown-up can bring:

  • Your Insurance Card: This helps Dr. Sultana understand what kind of doctor friend care your family has.
  • Your Health Story: If you've seen other doctors before, bring any notes or papers they gave your grown-up. This helps Dr. Sultana learn about your health adventures!
  • Your Medicine List: Make a list of any medicines you take, like vitamins or cough syrup. This helps Dr. Sultana make sure everything works well together.
  • Questions and Worries: Do you have any questions about your health, your body, or anything else that makes you curious? Write them down! Dr. Sultana loves answering questions and helping you understand.

What Happens at Your First Visit?

Your first visit with Dr. Sultana is like getting to know a new friend! Here's what to expect:

  • Hello and Welcome!: You'll meet the friendly office staff who will make you feel comfortable.
  • Chatting About Your Health: Dr. Sultana will talk to you and your grown-up about your health story. This includes past illnesses, any shots you've gotten, and medications you take.
  • A Quick Check-Up: Dr. Sultana might listen to your heartbeat like a superhero listening for a villain's engine, check your temperature to see if you're feeling a little warm, and take a peek at your ears, throat, and tummy to make sure everything looks okay.
  • Talking About Your Health: Dr. Sultana will explain things clearly and answer any questions you or your grown-up have. She might also suggest ways to stay healthy, like eating yummy fruits and veggies or getting enough sleep at night.
  • The Next Steps: Dr. Sultana will create a special plan just for you to stay healthy and strong. This might include scheduling follow-up visits or talking about healthy habits.

Extra Cool Things Dr. Sultana Can Do:

Dr. Sultana can help with even more than check-ups! Here are some other things she can do:

  • Help Your Little Brother or Sister: If you have younger siblings, Dr. Sultana can take care of their health too!
  • Get Ready for a Trip: Planning a big vacation? Dr. Sultana can make sure you have all the shots you need to stay healthy while you explore!
  • Help You Lose Weight: Feeling a little chubby? Dr. Sultana can offer tips and support to help you reach your healthy weight goals.


Taking care of yourself is important, and Dr. Sultana is here to be your partner in health! She wants to help you grow big and strong, fight off yucky germs, and answer any questions you have about your body. Don't be shy – she's your friend after all!

Primary Care Doctor Appointment Today

Here's a quick way to reach Dr. Sultana:

  • Website: (This website has information about Dr. Sultana, but grown-ups can't book appointments directly here.)
  • Phone: 718.759.6015
  • Address: 1414A Newkirk Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226

So next time you need a doctor friend in Brooklyn, remember Dr. Sultana! She's here to help you on your exciting health adventures!

Primary Care appointment near Brooklyn

Whether you are looking for a primary care center for yourself or a member of the family, our experience and expertise will help you attain your fitness goals. At Sharmeen Sultana MD PLLC, a Primary care clinic in Brooklyn, you can get the remedy you want from a trusted Primary care provider in a convenient and comfortable setting. We provide same-day appointments, prolonged hours, and an extensive range of priced alternatives. Our team of board-certified physicians, nurses, and various professionals is dedicated to presenting customized, outstanding care that is tailored to fulfill people's wishes. We offer a wide variety of clinical and strong-point services, including primary care. Sharmeen Sultana MD is a complete, incorporated health facility offering number-one care offerings and preventive health screenings to individuals and families. If you are seeking out a Primary care appointment near you in Brooklyn, then Sharmeen Sultana, MD, is the appropriate location to move to.

Get Your Primary Care physician's appointment.

If you are searching for a Primary Care Doctor in Brooklyn, it's not too much trouble to call our office at 718.759.6015 and plan an appointment. The office staff will want to help you choose a clinical provider that is ideal for your primary requirements. To assist with your appointment, if it's not too much trouble, be ready to give us your clinical history and insurance coverage information.

Primary Care Physician Appointments Online

Making an appointment with your primary care doctor is now simpler than ever. With many practices offering online appointment booking, you can rapidly and effectively book a schedule that is helpful for you. Just visit our website and see the doctor's list, or call us at 718.759.6015 and select the date and time that work best for you.

How Can I make a same-day appointment with Female Primary care physicians accepting new patients near Brooklyn?

It is very simple to make an appointment with your chosen Family health associate, Dr. Sharmeen Sultana. This means you might advance to make an appointment at her chambers at 1414 Newkirk Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226 or follow in on the Sharmeen Sultana MD PLLC web portal to navigate the neighborhood in Google Maps. Additionally, you will find a telephone number for easy contact with the staff, who will make an appointment for you with the Physician.

What do patients say about Dr. Sultana?

Patients are well satisfied with the physician you inquired about. She treats patients very attentively and carefully. She spares much time in giving a patent so that the patient's total case history can be understood.

What are the common reasons for patients to see Dr. Sharmeen Sultana?

The physician will provide common services related to the patient's Hypertension, Annual Physical, Allergy Consultation, Pediatric Consultation, Illness, Arthritis, Cholesterol, Obesity, Respiratory infection, strep throat rash, minor injuries, and pediatric illnesses.

What languages does Dr. Sharmeen Sultana speak?

Dr. Sharmin Sultana speaks English well enough; in addition, she speaks Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Georgian, and Russian.

What are Dr. Sultana's top areas of care?

Female Primary care Physician Dr. Sultanas MD's special periphery for the treatment of family practice and primary care Dr. Sharmeen Sultana, MD, frequently treats Abnormal thyroid function, Obesity, and Blood in the urine (Hematuria). Noteworthy topics include pediatrics, pre-travel consultations, and weight loss. Also, she called the family medicine physician, where systematically the doctor will give treatment-related information and, in some cases, need some tests to be done.

What Insurance is used by Dr. Sultana?

In-Network Insurance

Aetna, BlueCross, BlueShield, Cigna, and Emblem Health

In-network for Medicare-Original Medicare

Medicare, United Healthcare, and United Healthcare Oxford

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A primary care appointment is a scheduled meeting with a primary care physician (PCP) to discuss health concerns, receive preventive care, manage chronic conditions, seek medical advice, or undergo routine check-ups.

To schedule an appointment with a primary care physician, you can typically call our office directly, oy use our online appointment scheduling system.

You can schedule an appointment with a primary care physician by contacting their office via phone, checking their availability through an online patient portal, or using appointment scheduling services available on their website.

To fix an appointment with a primary care provider, contact our office via phone  718.759.6015 and provide details about your preferred date and time. You can also ask if they have urgent care or same-day appointment options for immediate concerns.

At Sharmeen Sultana MD PLLC, We accept  primary care walk-in appointments for urgent issues. Check with our primary care provider's office to inquire about their walk-in policies and availability.

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